Short Take Off ... Quick Climb .... Fast Cruise Speed

Rocket Safety

Safety Features of the 305 Rocket:

  • FAA Certified - The Mooney M20K is a certified four place airplane which meets all the FAA standards of a production airplane. Also the 305 Rocket conversion is certified with an STC from the FAA which meets all the same standards as the original certified airplane.
  • High Performance Takeoffs - The 305 Rocket takes off in 2/3 the distance of the original manufactured airplane and climbs at over 1,500 ft/min (minimizing critical takeoff problems).
  • 9 G Stress Tested Engine Mount - A new eight point engine mount is designed for the extra thrust and weight of the TSIO-520 engine.
  • Feathering Propeller - To increase the glide ratio in case of an emergency, a full feathering propeller from the Cessna 340 has been added to achieve up to a 16:1 glide ratio (making an emergency landing at the original airport possible up to 60 miles enroute).
  • Dual Batteries - Two 35 amp batteries are added to balance the CG, and in addition, will double the amperage capacity of the system for starting power and emergency backup power.
  • High Climb Rates - With full power available up to 23,000 ft, the 305 Rocket provides the ability to get over the toughest weather and to pass quickly through icing conditions, even at flight levels.