Short Take Off ... Quick Climb .... Fast Cruise Speed

Rocket Savings

Speed with Economy
The 305 Rocket will keep up with the fastest twins, yet burn less than half the fuel. It is 20 kts faster the new TLS Bravo, has a better climb rate, and is quieter. All this for only a fraction of the cost.

Low Maintenance
With the Continental remanufactured engine installed in the 305 Rocket, maintenance costs do not increase and will not exceed those of the standard 231, already far less than any other airplane in its class and speed.

Engine Overhauls
The TBO on the Rocket TSIO-520-NB is 1,600 hrs, and with an average speed of 200 kts, the total distance traveled between overhauls is 320,000 nm. The original TSIO-360-GB engine had a TBO of 1,800 hrs (when it made it). With an average speed of 160 kts, the total distance traveled was 288,000 nm. This extra distance equates to a 2,000 hr TBO on the 231's original engine.

Time is Money
On an average trip of 500 nm, the 305 Rocket will save one hour of time per trip. Through each TBO, a total of 640 average trips could be made, constituting a savings of 640 hours total time, at the rate you calculate your time to be worth.

To purchase an original TSIO-360 remanufactured engine, new propeller and have it installed, the cost would be approximately $35,000. For just a little over twice that amount, you can have your own airplane converted to a 305 Rocket, giving you better performance than a new $300,000 airplane. Your airplane's resale value will be greater than the original amount invested because of the Rocket's performance and reliability.