Royal Turbine

Short Take Off...Quick Climb...Fast Cruise Speed


Q. Can you modify any Duke airframe?

A. Regrettably, no. The STC was issued only for the B60 airframe.

Q. Tell me about the Duke and this conversion.

A. The stiletto shape of the Beechcraft Duke is one of the best looking, and most distinguished, twin engine aircraft designs flying today. The Duke first flew on December 29, 1966, and featured a pressurized, six place, all weather cabin. The cockpit layout is well designed for single pilot operations.

Until now, a pair of 380 HP Lycoming piston engines have powered all Dukes. The subsequent additions of better turbocharging, enhanced pressurization and new interior arrangements have improved performance and cabin comfort.

The final answer is an upgrade to Pratt & Whitney turbine power. The PT6A is the most reliable and dependable engine in the world today with over 290 million flight hours on over 10,000 aircraft.

The Royal Turbine Duke from Northwest Turbine, LLC and Modified by Rocket Engineering combines the luxury cabin of the Duke, with the legendary Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engine to make a truly high performance, personal airliners.