Royal Turbine

Short Take Off...Quick Climb...Fast Cruise Speed

Under the Cowl

The Pratt & Whitney PT6A, used for the Royal Turbine conversion, is an industry workhorse.

For nearly four decades, the PT6A has set the industry benchmark for reliability and dependability. Ranging from 580 to 1,940 shaft horsepower, it offers the best value available, along with simplicity of design, ease of maintenance, and efficiency of operation.


Northwest Turbine, LLC is proud to announce a new project for the Beechcraft B60 Duke aircraft, which includes retrofitting two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 or -35 engines. Four years of market research and product development has led to certification and production of this new Duke project. This step-up, twin turbine aircraft is perfect for those wanting a fast, economical, reliable turbine aircraft.

The Beechcraft B60 Duke is one of the best platforms for the PT6 turbine engine conversion. Duke owners love their aircraft, the Beechcraft quality, and they deserve the performance, economy, reliability and service that Northwest Turbine, LLC offers with the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 and -35 engines.

Since 1990, Rocket Engineering - the modification company - has STC'd and converted over 200 Mooney aircraft with 300+ hp Continental engines. In the last eight years, we have converted an additional 200 PA46 Malibu/Mirage and B36TC Bonanza aircraft with Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines. Our STC experience with past projects, coupled with continuing upgrades to current product lines, has enabled our company to develop the expertise to install PT6A-21 or -35 engines in this Beechcraft aircraft, all the while maintaining Beechcraft's exceptionally high quality standards.

The most frequently asked question concerning the conversion is "Why install turbine engines on a twin aircraft?"

The answer is simple - The Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 and -35 engines are several times more reliable and much more user friendly than the piston engines. They are high altitude, high performance engines with no heating nor shock cooling problems. They are no compromise engines.


The Beechcraft B60 Duke is already an exceptional aircraft - The addition of turbine engines just makes it better!