Turbine Air

Short Take Off...Quick Climb...Fast Cruise Speed


Q. Can you modify any Bonanza airframe?

A. Regrettably, no. The STC was issued only for the B36TC airframe with the sturdier wing and landing gear.

Q. Tell me about the Bonanza and this conversion.

A. The distinctive Beechcraft Bonanza is one of the most famous and prolific aircraft of the last five decades. The Bonanza first flew on Dec. 22, 1945, and featured all metal construction, retractable gear and high performance. The design also featured the distinctive V-tail. First deliveries began in 1947, and subsequent development has led to a family of subtypes, through the current model in production.

Until now, many piston engines have powered the Bonanza, gaining horsepower through the various models. The final answer is an upgrade to Pratt & Whitney Turbine Power. The PT6-A is the most reliable and dependable engine in the world today and with over 290 million flight hours on over 10,000 aircraft. The B36TC Bonanza utilizes the fuselage and larger wing and landing gear of the Baron. The conversion to Turbine Power allows owners to realize the full potential of the already great aircraft.

The TurbineAir Bonanza West Pacific Air, LLC and Modified by Rocket Engineering, combines the superb Bonanza B36TC airframe with Pratt & Whitney's legendary PT6-A turbine engine to make a truly high performance personal airliner.