Ask Me How I Like My JetPROP

Well, since you didn’t ask I will tell you anyway. In mid-year 1999 I snapped a valve in the #1 cylinder on my 1987 Continental Malibu enroute to Nashville, TN. We landed without incident but I vowed after that experience that if I was going to stay in aviation I wanted to be flying a turbine powered aircraft!

Before I gave JetPROP the airplane for the conversion, I had Skytech do their SX Interior and added a heated windshield to get rid of the hot plate. I picked up my JetPROP conversion in May of 2000. With the new interior and the new Pratt PT6-34 turboprop it was like a new airplane. Now, eight years later and at 2000 hours, I am only half way through the 4,000 hour TBO on the engine. My cost of operation, even with almost double the fuel burn per hour, has actually gone down. The faster airspeed has cut my average annual flying hours down by about 50. The maintenance cost has come way down. Between annuals all we do is a compressor wash on the engine at about 75 hours on the Hobbs.

I have also found that I am not having avionics or airframe problems, which I attribute to the smooth operation of the four blades on the turbine. The increase in performance is the real plus. Climb rates are impressive and allow you to safely get up and out of weather quickly. The reliability of the turbine engine is very comforting. Although the investment was substantial it is well worth every penny. Yes, I do like my JetPROP!

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