Best Damn Airplane I’ve Ever Owned

Since 1984 I’ve owned and operated two Malibus and one Mirage over 15,000 hours. During that time I’ve had one Malibu and one Mirage converted to JetPROPs. Total time on the JetPROPs is over 5,000 hours. The decision to convert my aircraft to JetPROPs was the best owner/operators’ choice I have ever made.


Performance, reliability, maintenance cost, safety and consumer accommodations from JetPROP. 1.The Malibu/Mirage with the JetPROP conversion will climb at 2500 ft/min and give a true airspeed of 260 knots regardless of load. 2. Reliability and safety concerns. I have had five dead stick landings with piston engine Malibu; None, never any engine problems with 5,000 hours in JetPROPs. Engine maintenance cost and down time for parts or for overhaul is less than 10% of the piston engine. If you fly as many hours as I do, the fuel savings from any other turbine aircraft per miles covered cannot be beat. And the rapid response and help from the whole staff at JetPROP is the best in the industry. PERIOD! The next airplane for me will be another JetPROP.

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