Christian Fellowship Church JetPROP

We, the Christian Fellowship Church, have used an airplane since 1973 which allows our Pastor to minister our many churches in the fellowship. We have flown a Cherokee Six, Piper Lance and Turbo Saratoga, all of which did a good job. We needed to expand our range, so we started looking around for a plane that would fill that need. In 2004 we found an airplane that would do the job. We purchased a pre-owned JetPROP conversion . It was a 1999 Piper Mirage with a PT6A-34 engine.

The JetPROP is just what we needed. It flies higher, faster, farther and is very comfortable. We can now fly in almost any kind of weather and above most of it. It really met our needs. This past December 16th 2008, we took the JetPROP to the factory to have the annual done. While there, we talked to Darwin about upgrading to a PT6A-35, what was involved and what kind of performance to expect. He said the -35 would fly 10 to 15 knots faster, would have full power up thru 18,000 feet and burn less fuel overall. Darwin was right on all counts. It performs exactly as he said it would. While the JetPROP was there we also had the new oil cooler modification done. When we dropped the JetPROP off on the 16th we needed the annual, engine upgrade and modifications done by Jan 1, 2009. Well, they got everything done on time. In spite of the adverse weather conditions and Christmas holiday, they picked us up at Spokane International Airport on New Year’s Day so we could get our JetPROP. Their service is outstanding.

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