My Thoughts On My JetPROP

I started flying at 17, bought my first airplane at 32, and have bought and sold airplanes every six months since that first airplane. I have done this for two reasons. One is to invest and buy at the right price, and sell to constantly upgrade. The second reason was I was always in the search for the airplane that I would not or could not sell. The JetPROP is probably the only airplane I would not, could not, or should not sell.

Believe me, I have looked very hard for a new airplane that could come close to 250 knots, pressurized, range of greater than 1000 nautical miles, carry six passengers in cabin class comfort all while burning 28 gallons/hr. My 1986 Pratt & Whitney dash 21 JetPROP is the thing that fits that bill. My commitment to this aircraft is such that I have added the following upgrades at a huge financial investment: a glass windshield, Garmin G600, Meridian style interior, Aspen Pilot Pro, new laser cut panel, and other upgrades too numerous to mention. With all these upgrades my total investment is still less than $1,000,000 dollars. I know of very few aircraft that can fly from Florida and land in St. Barths (must be specially trained to land at this French airport) and do it non-stop.

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