Software Disclaimer

The following files are provided by JetPROP LLC for public download.

Note: The information and files contained in the downloads section are for comparison and entertainment purposes only. They are not to be used for flight planning. The Pilot in Command is responsible for the safe and proper operation of his/her aircraft and it is the responsibility of the Pilot in Command to operate that aircraft in compliance with the aircraft's pilot's operation handbook and other official manuals and directives.

Miscellaneous Downloads

FlightStar Models

JetPROP DL (PT6A-21)

  • Note: Depending on your FliteStar version and operating system, these *.act files need to be placed in one of three locations:
    • C:\Users\Public\Jeppesen\Common\Aircraft  (Windows 7, Vista, 8)
    • C:\Jeppesen\Common\Aircraft  (Windows XP)

Advertising Flyers

JetPROP DL Conversion (PT6A-21)
JetPROP_DLX Conversion (PT6A-35)

Rocket Engineering Downloads

 JetPROP Warranty Repair Form

Other Downloads

PA46 Database (derived from 20 Nov 2013 FAA database)
PA46 KMZ file (requires Google Earth)
 Mission_Comparison Spreadsheet (entertainment only)